Judge Takes Away Man’s Dodge Charger Hellcat After He Acted Like A Hellcat Owner

Judge Takes Away Man’s Dodge Charger Hellcat After He Acted Like A Hellcat Owner


An infamous Dodge Charger Hellcat driver who would film himself recklessly driving and speeding in his “Belltown Hellcat” has been barred from driving the car. Not any car. He can still drive if he wants to. He just cannot drive his Hellcat anymore. I thought this was America.

At the end of March, Miles Hudson was pulled over in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle, Washington when police heard him revving his engine to a “deafening” degree, according to a police report Then, just a couple days later on April 2, Hudson was pulled over again and cops let him know they had seen his Instagram videos and knew he had over 700,000 followers, according to the Seattle Times.

Now though, as a condition of his release from jail after a hearing on April 9, the 20-year-old can’t drive the 2023 Charger Hellcat Jailbreak locals absolutely hate for at least a year, KING NBC 5 reports. Like I said, he can still drive any other car. I’ve never seen anything like this, and it’s so funny.

Here’s more about how this whole ordeal started and what exactly Hudson did to loose his cherished Hellcat, from KING 5:

Hudson was first stopped in early January this year for driving recklessly in downtown Seattle around 1:30 a.m. Officers gave him a verbal warning about speeding in highly populated city areas, and he was released.

In the report, officers noted that Hudson’s car was wrapped with tiger stripes and an enlarged Hellcat logo and had colorful LED headlights. Based on prior experience, the officer said they “could tell that the exhaust was modified to be exceedingly loud … as I could hear the engine exhaust from blocks away with my windows up.”

The car also had additional engine modifications, which resulted in the gunshot-like backfiring.

Officers said on several occasions since January, they have been working in downtown Seattle and heard the distinctive noise of Hudson’s Hellcat. Belltown residents and Seattleites took to Reddit to vent their grievances over the noise.

Hudson’s social media profile features videos of himself driving the Hellcat and hitting 107 miles per hour. In one video, Hudson is seen challenging two other drivers in Dodge Chargers to a race in downtown Seattle along Fourth Avenue South. When he pans the camera to the dashboard, the speedometer reads 107 mph, before he begins to slow down.

On March 20, the goofus maloofus was stopped for speeding in a 25 mph zone, and police reminded him about his run-in with them back in January for reckless driving. He told cops that he makes money by filming videos of him driving, and he said the videos have paid for his car and that he plans to “keep doing what I’m doing.” He went on to tell them he was planning to “make a career out of this.” Good lord, all that rain in Seattle is messing with people’s brains.

His attorney has questioned the restriction for driving Hudson’s car, according to the Times. She said it would prohibit him from being able to go to work. I don’t know what his day job is, but I’m going to assume Hellcat hooligan is not it.

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