John Bolton Dismisses Trump Dictator Talk With Brutal Observation

John Bolton Dismisses Trump Dictator Talk With Brutal Observation


John Bolton named what’s missing from Donald Trump when asked if he thinks the former president shared dictator-like characteristics with Julius Caesar.

“He hasn’t got the brains! He’s a property developer, for God’s sake!” Trump’s former national security adviser recently told France’s Le Figaro newspaper in an interview translated by The Telegraph.

The remarks from Bolton arrive months after Trump, in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, said he’d act like a dictator only on “day one” if he returns to the Oval Office.

Bolton, in response to President Joe Biden’s comments that Trump would be promising an “assault on democracy” in the future, told Le Figaro that it’s a mistake to threaten the country with an “apocalypse” if Trump were to return to the White House.

He declared that Trump is not Caesar before adding that the Constitution and its institutions are strong.

“Trump attacked them by trying to call into question the result of the elections, and he failed,” said Bolton, according to the translated interview.

“If he wasn’t able to steal the election when he was in the Oval Office, it’s not going to happen in November from Mar-a-Lago. The Constitution is very clear, there will be no third term.”

Bolton recently took aim at the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s praise of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

He shared a 2018 clip of Trump last week where the former president tells Fox News’ Steve Doocy that people “sit up at attention” when the North Korean leader speaks in the country and he wants people to “do the same” for him.

“Donald Trump wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jong Un. Get ready…..,” Bolton wrote.


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