French Energy Giant EDF Subsidiary Becomes Validator on Chiliz Chain – Blockchain Adoption Rising?

French Energy Giant EDF Subsidiary Becomes Validator on Chiliz Chain – Blockchain Adoption Rising?

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The popular blockchain platform Chiliz Chain announced on March 21 that it had signed a partnership agreement with the French energy giant EDF subsidiary Exaion as its latest validator node.

Validators are components tasked to manage blockchain nodes and ensure the network’s security is strengthened through the continuous verification of transactions and smart contract authorizations. In return, validators are rewarded with transaction fees.

Exaion Collaboration Signals The Rise of Blockchain Adoption

According to the public announcement, Chiliz stated the partnership with Exaion would provide in-depth knowledge from the energy and technology sectors and lay the foundations for utility-driven innovations.

We are extremely honoured to announce Exaion, subsidiary of the French state-owned energy giant @EDFofficiel Group, joins Chiliz Chain as validator node. 🌶️

Read all about our collaboration here 👇$CHZ

— Chiliz ($CHZ) – The Sports Blockchain ⚽🏆 (@Chiliz) March 21, 2024

In response to the latest collaboration, Alexandre Dreyfus, chief executive officer (CEO) of Chiliz, stressed the importance of having Exaion as a validator node on their chain.

“Having Exaion, a subsidiary of EDF, as a validator node on our chain is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Dreyfus. “Their renowned expertise in the energy sector and proactive approach to eco-responsibility will significantly bolster our efforts in this space.”

Technically, France (the country) is now a validator/governance of the @chiliz Chain 🙂

Cocorico 🐓🥖🇫🇷🌶️

— Alexandre Dreyfus 🇹🇷 (@alex_dreyfus) March 21, 2024

Exaion is known as an energy-focused company that supports digital transformation and crypto adoption with a sustainable and responsible approach in the domain of Web3 services.

On the other hand, the Chiliz Chain is known for its unique role in expanding sports fans’ engagement through blockchain technology by creating fan tokens, non-fungible tokens, and sport-driven decentralized applications (dApps).

The Exaion integration into the Chiliz ecosystem as a validation node is touted as bringing expertise from the energy and technology sector and enabling the network to remodel the blockchain space through eco-friendly practices.

Exaion’s collaboration follows similar partnerships with the Korean Professional Football League and Paris Saint-German (PSG).

We’re excited to announce that @PSG_inside is partnering up with Chiliz to become the first ever sports club validator of a blockchain. 🤝🌶️

Paris Saint-Germain commits to reinvesting all validator revenue into buying back $PSG Fan Tokens. ⚽#ChilizChain$CHZ

— Chiliz ($CHZ) – The Sports Blockchain ⚽🏆 (@Chiliz) February 22, 2024

These alliances may enable Chiliz to strengthen its position as a leading blockchain platform for fan engagement and digital asset management in the sports industry and beyond.

Chiliz Chain’s Focus on Sports Tokens & NFTs

Chiliz Chain is widely recognized for its approach to driving digital fan engagement.

The firm employs blockchain technology to create Fan Tokens on its trading platform,, alongside non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (dApps).

These are designed to change the mode of interaction between sports fans and their favorite teams.

Fan Tokens are digital assets representing ownership tied to sports teams. They enable fans to participate in activities like voting on club decisions, accessing exclusive content, and redeeming rewards.

Fan tokens trading platform on

The blockchain network has created over 70 licensed fan tokens for several sports, including football, motorsport, tennis, rugby, and American football.

The chain also allows developers to build apps through its blockchain technology to provide transparent and secure interactions between sports fans and teams, such as ticketing systems apps, fan engagement platforms, and loyalty programs.

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