Desi Lydic ‘Foxsplains’ The Money That Donald Trump Owes And It’s Priceless

Desi Lydic ‘Foxsplains’ The Money That Donald Trump Owes And It’s Priceless


The Daily Show” star Desi Lydic comically imagined herself as a Fox News host defending Donald Trump against the $464 million he’s been ordered to fork over in his fraud civil case. (Watch the video below.)

Trump this week got his bond reduced from the full amount to $175 million so he could avoid the seizure of properties.

But he’s still on the hook for the original amount, prompting outrage from Lydic’s conservative alter-ego in her latest “Foxplains” bit shared online Thursday.

“That’s $1 per person that’s been murdered on the subway every day,” she said. “If Trump was a drag queen, New York would be giving him the $450 million.”

Lydic had an equally extreme take on the criminal charges against Trump that are spread over multiple indictments:

“The timing in all of these cases is a little bit suspicious, don’t you think? For example is it really a coincidence that the Democrats waited until after the 2020 election to prosecute Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election?”

Watch Lydic embody the fabricationandparanoiathat Fox is accused of without you having to actually turn on the right-wing cable channel:


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