Cheetah and cubs cross river in rare video; ‘I was holding my breath’

Cheetah and cubs cross river in rare video; ‘I was holding my breath’


Most African cat species avoid entering water, making this sighting of a mother cheetah and its 4-month-old cubs crossing the Bushmans River in South Africa an “extremely rare” sighting indeed.

Jonathan and Abigal Nottingham provided the amazing footage to the Kariega Game Reserve, which posted the video on its Instagram page.

“Guide Richard and his guests had an amazing sighting recently, as a female cheetah and her two cubs swam across the Bushmans River,” the post stated.

“Most African cat species are very hesitant to enter the water so this is extremely rare to witness, especially considering the age of the cubs.”

Viewers of the video expressed concern about the safety of the cheetahs crossing a river, fearing crocodiles.

“I was so nervous for them,” one viewer wrote. “My whole body tensed up!!”

“I feel it is dangerous to swim in the river,” another wrote.

“What an awesome sighting!” another wrote. “I was holding my breath there for a while.”

The Kariega Game Reserve had an answer for those worried viewers, responding with, “no crocs here!”

More from the Kariega Game Reserve:

“South Africa is home to the third largest wild cheetah population in the world. The species has been eradicated from 91% of their historical range, according to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. They are currently listed as vulnerable.”

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