Robert Kiyosaki Says ‘Everything Bubble’ on Brink of Bursting Amid Soaring US Debt – Urges Investment in Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin for Safety

Robert Kiyosaki Says ‘Everything Bubble’ on Brink of Bursting Amid Soaring US Debt – Urges Investment in Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin for Safety
  • Kiyosaki echoes Dent’s “everything crash” prediction, warning of a major market bubble burst fuelled by US debt and advocating for Bitcoin, gold, and silver as hedges.
  • Responses to Kiyosaki’s predictions are mixed, with some questioning the accuracy of his recurrent doomsday scenarios.
  • Despite Kiyosaki’s view of Bitcoin as a decoupled asset, evidence suggests increasing correlation with equity markets, challenging its status as an alternative financial system.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of what he calls the number one best-selling personal finance book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ is known for his controversial predictions and posts. A couple of days ago Kiyosaki reacted to economic forecaster Harry Dent – who had predicted an “everything crash” – by saying if that scenario comes into play, he will simply buy more Bitcoin.

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Now, in his latest post, Kiyosaki wrote to his 2.5 million followers about what he calls the “everything bubble.” This seems to echo Dent’s doom scenario, because Kiyosaki says many major markets are in a giant bubble which is about to crash, taking down with it stocks, bonds and real estate.

The EVERYTHING BUBBLE, stocks, bonds, real estate SET to CRASH. US debt increasing by $1 trillion every 90 days. US BANKRUPT. Save your self. Please buy more real gold, silver, Bitcoin.

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) April 7, 2024

The reason for the crash?

Increasing US debt and what Kiyosaki calls a US bankruptcy.

The solution?

According to the author, the best way to safeguard against this is to buy Bitcoin, gold and silver.

Kiyosaki’s Statements Not Without Controversy

Reactions to the announcement have been “mixed,” to put it mildly, with one asking if anyone is keeping score of the doomsday predictions – hinting at the many times Kiyosaki has made these predictions.

Another X-user simply posted a collage of Robert Kiyosaki’s crash predictions over time, and they are an impressive collection.

Source: @jaydee_757 via X

But there is another element to Kiyosaki’s statement. When he advises people to buy Bitcoin as a preparation for a crash, he makes the assumption that Bitcoin is decoupled from broader financial markets.

This has been a narrative in crypto for some time, and is sticking around for some reason – yet it simply is not true.

you are so wrong, if you predict a crash of such proportions in the economy, Bitcoin will not be exempt, it will collapse. But there will be not any collapse, furthermore you were comparing Bitcoin to tulip bubble until a few years ago.

— Noodles (@criptopaul) April 7, 2024

There’s ample evidence to suggest that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have shown an increased correlation with the equity markets, particularly during times of market stress or significant monetary policy announcements from the US Federal Reserve. Although, admittedly this correlation fluctuates.

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Maria Carola, CEO of StealthEX, suggests that Bitcoin’s integration into ETFs and the increased institutional participation are making it more akin to traditional equities, potentially diluting its essence as an alternative financial system.

“These shifts could expose Bitcoin to the very systemic risks from which it was designed to escape,” she wrote, signalling a critical juncture in the cryptocurrency’s journey amidst its changing investment thesis and market correlation dynamics.

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