Cryptomanran Tips Off 3 Altcoins to Snap Up Before Election Season, Highlights Early Investor Profits

Cryptomanran Tips Off 3 Altcoins to Snap Up Before Election Season, Highlights Early Investor Profits
  • Neuner considers Arweave highly undervalued and sees a whole new ecosystem emerging.
  • He says Peaq’s focus on decentralised physical infrastructure and its interoperability with Polkadot may boost its potential.
  • With a large user base and fast blockchain, TON is also poised for growth, he says.

Three crypto-ecosystems are totally undervalued according to Ran Neuner (aka Cryptomanran), the host of YouTube show Crypto Banter. Neuner says that if you learn more about these, then it’s still early days and you stand a chance to make money before they take off.

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Arweave a Great Buy at US$35, Says Neuner

The first ecosystem is Arweave, which is actually a decentralised storage network. It aims at providing “a platform for the indefinite storage of data”.

Arweave itself compares what it’s trying to do to Bitcoin: “The Arweave network is like Bitcoin, but for data: A permanent and decentralized web inside an open ledger.”

Permanent storage serves various purposes, from preserving vital data to hosting decentralised web apps.

Neuner believes Arweave is significantly undervalued and has great potential, comparing its current market cap to the early stages of major platforms like Ethereum, BNB, and Solana at similar valuations.

It’s heavily, heavily, heavily undervalued. And with the creation of their new technology, which is this supercomputer that allows for parallelism, we have a whole ecosystem that’s starting to emerge.

Ran Neuner

His enthusiasm is based on the belief that Arweave’s supercomputer technology will revolutionise the field, making it the most undervalued token on the market. With that, he suggests that if its price approaches US$35 (AU$45) or US$30 (AU$53), it would be a prime investment opportunity.

Arweave (AR), monthly graph, source: CoinMarketCap

Arweave currently is up over 30% month-on-month and is trading at US$41.54 (AU$62.88) at the time of writing.

Peaq Ecosystem For DePIN

Next, Neuner is enthusiastic about the PEAQ ecosystem primarily due to its focus on the decentralised physical infrastructure network (DePIN) narrative. 

Neuner likes the project because it is specifically designed to support DePIN.

The ease of communication between Substrate-based chains like Peaq and Polkadot is another significant advantage, enhancing interoperability within the ecosystem, which makes both an interesting bet.

It’s probably worth also keeping an eye on Polkadot, even though for me the main play right now is to look at Peaq and the DePIN ecosystem on Peaq.

Ran Neuner

Note that at the time of writing no Peaq token is listed on any major exchange.

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Neuner: TON With Massive Potential – Large User Base

Neuner finally advocates for the TON ecosystem due to several key factors that suggest significant potential for growth and investment returns.

He highlights the variety of projects within the TON ecosystem, including decentralised exchanges (DEXes), memecoins, and more.

You can see there’s the DEXes, there’s memecoins, there’s Tonfish, there’s Resistance Dog, there’s Paper Plane. Look at all these tokens – I reckon that these ecosystems are going to explode.

Ran Neuner

Telegram also boasts a massive user base of 900 million, providing a substantial potential market and user engagement level for the TON blockchain.

Additionally, TON is noted for its quick processing capabilities, making it an attractive option for developers and users looking for efficient transaction speeds, Neuner concludes. 

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