MAILBOX: Moeletsi Mbeki for president – and a rational approach to EWC

MAILBOX: Moeletsi Mbeki for president – and a rational approach to EWC

Bruno Penzhorn, a Professional Engineer and ex-business manager, seeks insights on two pressing issues in South Africa: home ownership and land expropriation and the next presidency. He advocates for extending formal home ownership to all, regardless of location, to safeguard families’ sanctuaries. He suggests Moeletsi Mbeki as a wise presidential choice, with Musi Maimane as his deputy for continuity.

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By Bruno E. Penzhorn Pr.Eng., BSc.(Eng)

Many thanks for your ongoing and intensive endeavours to keep us up to speed and informed!

By way of introduction, I am a Professional Engineer by training, an ex-business manager and vintage-wise in Warren Buffet and RW Johnston’s camp.

Presently I spend my time endeavouring to keep my finger on the pulse of developments in South Africa and worldwide wondering about all the strife and destruction amongst us humans given our common genes and historical heritage??

I am writing today to share and hear your views on two important aspects as below:

Home ownership and Land expropriation without Compensation.

I have a burning need to share a view on the most burning issue confronting us South Africans at present.

The issue was also highlighted  by a township mother (from the bottom of her heart) during a recent visit by President Ramaphosa to their area.

She asked: Mr President will I be able to keep my house when a new government takes over?

The President, taken by surprise, advised “Go and see your lawyer”.

This concern is crucial for the country and for all of us, no matter  who we are and where our home happens to be.

As we all know there are many areas in South Africa, including all the tribal areas where the lawyer will not be able to help since there are no formal papers and no prove of ownership.

Surely, extending the present formal home ownership registration pattern from urban suburbs to the dearly-loved self-built homes in a remote township is an undeniable must and will win the support of all South Africans without exception.

This will also neutralise the land expropriation banner since it touches by extension the innermost concern of any family: the sanctity of the family home.

Registering the untold number of unregistered homes in South Africa will be a mammoth task but the security of ownership and the stability sprouting from it will make it worthwhile and will give the nation a strong feeling of togetherness.

Why are all political parties, without exception,  quiet on this in the face of the upcoming elections?

On RW Johnson’s Thoughts about who should be our next President:   

Beyond any doubt it should be Moeletsi Mbeki.

He has all the wisdom, experience, maturity and has done the analyses to know what is required at this stage.

We should lean on him to come out of his corner to lead the country for the next five years.

His role should be more that of a statesman to guide operations for a multiparty government without descending into the daily nuts and bolts arena.

To secure continuity his deputy should Musi Maimane who would from the beginning assume responsibility a for a number of portfolios as for instance State Owned Enterprises -SOEs with highly qualified and experienced portfolio Ministers reporting to him.

I cannot help believing that both the above observations could add value to the camp-fire discussion even in the little time left before the upcoming Elections.

Kind regards,


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