BNC#6: Velenkosini Hlabisa – SA needs the integrity, principle of the Multi-Party Charter

BNC#6: Velenkosini Hlabisa – SA needs the integrity, principle of the Multi-Party Charter

In his keynote address at the BNC#6 conference in Hermanus, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) president Velenkosini Hlabisa delivered a powerful message, advocating for integrity and principled leadership in South Africa’s government. Hlabisa emphasized the IFP’s track record of effective governance, highlighting their commitment to transparency, accountability, and serving the nation’s interests above personal gains. He urged voters to prioritize integrity and principles when choosing leaders, emphasizing that a strong voice for the IFP within the coalition government is essential for ensuring good governance and addressing the country’s pressing challenges. His call to action resonated with attendees, emphasizing the crucial role of integrity in shaping South Africa’s future.

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Edited transcript of IFP president Velenkosini Hlabisa’s keynote address at BNC#6 in Hermanus ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

00:08 It’s a pleasure to join colleagues at this influential forum discussing bringing integrity back to leadership.

00:37 South Africa faces trust deficits between the government and the people. The IFP is engaging in vital conversations here at Business 6.

01:07 Our goal is deeper engagement for our country’s benefit. I’m bookended by the Honorable Mr Steenhuisen and Mr Mashaba, both part of the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa.

01:36 The charter aims for fundamental change post-rejection of the ANC government, with a coalition government ready to govern efficiently and justly.

02:05 The Multi-Party Charter commits not only to forming a government but also to governance principles for effective administration from day one.

02:35 We’ve agreed on approaches to South Africa’s pressing crises, soon presenting solutions in a joint press conference.

03:05 Each party contests elections individually, yet collectively, we’ll administer governance based on shared principles.

03:34 We’re well-prepared to lead efficiently and justly, addressing South Africa’s challenges head-on.

04:03 Our approach encompasses law and order, ending crime and corruption, growing the economy, and delivering basic services.

04:33 While parties contest individually, a vote for the IFP strengthens our collective influence in governance.

05:03 Voters must understand their choice affects the coalition’s strength and governance effectiveness.

05:33 We urge votes for our respective parties within the charter for valuable contributions to governance.

06:03 The IFP’s principled leadership and integrity make it a crucial voice in South Africa’s government.

06:32 We’ve maintained integrity throughout our history, providing trusted leadership for almost 50 years.

07:01 Our consistent principles and accountability have earned the trust of South Africans.

07:31 Even as we critique the ANC, we offer constructive solutions and proven governance experience.

08:28 The IFP championed federalism, advocating for a socially just, economically viable South Africa.

09:27 Our consistent stance on principles and integrity led to significant political changes in South Africa.

10:26 We’ve transitioned from segregationist policies to democratic, just governance, always prioritizing integrity.

11:25 Our insistence on principles shaped the democratic framework, focusing on justice and efficiency.

12:23 We’ve stood firm on principles, prioritizing the nation’s interests over personal gains.

13:20 Prince Tenezi’s principled negotiations paved the way for democratic inclusivity and a new South Africa.

14:46 His integrity and rationality made him a champion for the nation’s future.

16:43 Prince Tenezi’s actions exemplified integrity, prioritizing the nation’s well-being over personal ambition.

18:11 His decisive actions in crisis situations showed integrity and leadership prowess.

19:37 Prince Tenezi’s principled leadership inspired IFP leaders to prioritize integrity and good governance.

20:36 The IFP’s governance track record highlights integrity, effective governance, and principled leadership.

21:04 Our governance achievements in education, healthcare, and economic empowerment showcase our integrity.

22:32 We focused on broad-based economic empowerment, social grants, and environmental sustainability.

24:37 Integrity is fundamental to effective governance, as demonstrated by the IFP’s track record.

25:05 Contrasting our response to the HIV/AIDS crisis with the ANC’s shows the importance of integrity in governance.

26:33 Our decisive actions saved lives and turned the tide on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in our province.

28:58 Integrity led to effective governance and saving lives, setting a standard for national response.

29:57 The IFP brings experience, integrity, and principled leadership to the table for South Africa’s next government.

31:54 Every South African’s involvement is crucial to prevent further governance failures and save our country.

32:53 Standing up now is vital for our future generations and the stability of our country. Thank you.

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