BNC#6: Mmusi Maimane champions visionary leadership in post-ANC South Africa

BNC#6: Mmusi Maimane champions visionary leadership in post-ANC South Africa

In his keynote address at BNC#6 in Hermanus, Mmusi Maimane delivered a powerful message to delegates. He emphasised unity, vision, and values for a prosperous future beyond the ANC era. Drawing parallels from history and biblical narratives, Maimane urged leaders to transcend racial divides and focus on long-term solutions. Maimane highlighted the importance of education, healthcare, infrastructure, and electoral reform in building a better South Africa for all.

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Edited transcript of BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane’s keynote address at BNC#6 in Hermanus ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

00:02 Good afternoon everyone.

00:22 This is a long walk to freedom. Thank you, Alec and the team. BizNews is a phenomenal institution for our politics. It’s important for institutions to hold leaders like myself accountable and inform South Africans like you. It’s my privilege to speak at this conference.

00:52 I acknowledge the political party leaders here today. I stand between you and a gin and tonic.

01:07 Ask nice questions, and we’ll keep them brief to ensure the gin and tonics arrive.

01:17 I grew up in Soweto, spent time in parliamentary politics, church, and business. I’m completing a PhD in economics. Drawing inspiration from the Bible, consider the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt for the promised land. South Africa has parallels. Leaders like Mandela lead from Egypt, but may not reach the promised land.

02:16 Moses’ successors sent spies to the land. Some reported challenges, others abundance.

02:50 South Africa is a land of contradictions, where the worst rarely happens, but the best seems unreachable.

03:11 Political debates often dwell on history, hindering progress.

03:30 In an election year, it’s tempting to reduce the election to political battles. But we must focus on the future, not the past.

03:59 Difficult choices require courage. Let’s focus on a tomorrow we can all achieve.

05:04 Leaders like Martin Luther King saw beyond their circumstances. We must do the same for our future and our children’s future.

06:04 We must envision a long-term story, beyond short-term solutions.

06:34 Mandela emphasized equal political rights and racial harmony. Our future depends on transcending racial division.

07:46 Our political landscape often divides along racial lines. We must unite based on shared ideals, not race or religion.

08:17 Our dream is a South Africa where all prosper regardless of race or background.

09:36 We need leaders who envision a long-term future and can articulate a vision for the nation.

10:45 Rather than focusing on ANC’s shortcomings, let’s focus on building a vision for a post-ANC South Africa.

11:19 Our values must include Ubuntu and justice. We must confront our challenges together.

12:50 South Africa’s prosperity lies in unity and collective effort.

13:21 We must prioritize education and healthcare to ensure a prosperous future for all.

15:10 We must ensure basic infrastructure and a functional economy to create jobs and prosperity.

16:30 Improving transportation and digital infrastructure are crucial for economic growth.

18:54 Police decentralization and reform are necessary to combat crime effectively.

19:47 Education vouchers can empower parents to choose quality education for their children.

20:18 Electoral reform is essential to ensure accountability and effective governance.

21:45 Effective coalitions require credible leadership and a shared vision for the future.

23:41 The upcoming elections are pivotal. We must vote for leaders who embody our values and can take the country forward.

24:40 Despite setbacks, Africa will prosper. We must vote for a better future.

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The above transcript has been condensed and paraphrased for brevity and clarity, and may not capture the full context or nuances of the original speech delivered by Mmusi Maimane at the Biznews conference, BNC#6

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