BNC#6: McKenzie Q&A – Ambitions for WC premier, Knysna crisis, PA expectations and more

BNC#6: McKenzie Q&A – Ambitions for WC premier, Knysna crisis, PA expectations and more

In a Q&A session at BNC#6 in Hermanus, PA President Gayton McKenzie asserted his leadership ambitions and vision for South Africa. McKenzie emphasised his ambitions to be premier in the Western Cape, highlighting the region’s diverse demographics and his commitment to breaking traditional voting patterns. Amid coalition challenges in Knysna, McKenzie critiqued governance and vowed water accessibility for all. With bold promises and sharp criticism, McKenzie sparked debate on race, leadership, and socio-political dynamics in South Africa.

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Summary of the Question and Answer session with PA Leader Gayton McKenzie at BNC#6 in Hermanus

In a spirited dialogue, Gayton McKenzie, a prominent figure representing the PA, engaged in a multifaceted discussion covering a wide array of topics pertinent to South African politics. McKenzie’s ambition to become premier of the Western Cape formed a central theme, as he articulated the significance of his candidacy within the context of the province’s diverse demographic landscape. Emphasizing the importance of breaking traditional voting patterns, McKenzie asserted his commitment to representing the interests of the majority population, particularly the coloured community.

McKenzie’s discourse extended beyond electoral ambitions, delving into the complexities of coalition governance, exemplified by the situation in Knysna where the ANC mayor faces scrutiny. Despite acknowledging shortcomings within the coalition, McKenzie refrained from scapegoating, acknowledging collective responsibility while also emphasizing the need for improved governance, particularly in addressing critical issues such as water scarcity.

Throughout the dialogue, McKenzie exhibited a candid and assertive demeanour, unafraid to critique existing power structures and challenge prevailing narratives. He highlighted systemic inequalities and racial dynamics, urging for a more inclusive and equitable political landscape. McKenzie’s critique extended to media coverage, accusing it of bias and neglecting critical issues such as the EFF’s messaging and underlying racial tensions.

In advocating for a more responsive and accountable government, McKenzie outlined his vision for effective leadership, stressing the importance of competence and decisiveness. He underscored the need for leaders who prioritize the welfare of their constituents above political expediency, citing examples of inadequate governance and contrasting them with instances of genuine leadership.

Ultimately, McKenzie’s discourse resonated with a call for transformative change, urging voters to reconsider entrenched voting patterns and embrace candidates who prioritise the common good over partisan interests. With bold promises and unapologetic critique, McKenzie emerges as a provocative figure challenging the status quo and advocating for a more inclusive and equitable political landscape in South Africa.

Edited Transcript of the Question and Answer session with Gayton McKenzie at BNC#6 in Hermanus  ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

Alec Hogg [00:00:07]: Gayton, you know, Herman Mashaba was on fire, but you were scorching.

Alec Hogg [00:00:20]: He’ll see it. What about that? Lots of speculation. You and Herman. You’re good friends. You both have a light green colour in your logos post 29th of May. Is there a get-together?

Gayton McKenzie [00:00:35]: Herman, he’s not my friend. I didn’t know him until the negotiations. But, you know, I came to respect him. Government has never told me one lie. Instinct is what you can take home. Therefore, I respect him. If you feel you’re not going to vote for me, Herman Mahaba is your guy.

Alec Hogg [00:01:11]: What’s your agenda?

Gayton McKenzie [00:01:12]: My first agenda is to put the coloured voice on the table. I’ve done that. Now it’s time for a calmer president. I come from a mixed background, and I want to unite everyone.

Alec Hogg [00:05:26]: Let’s look at the election and where the PA is likely to be nationally, in your opinion. And you said earlier that the DA has lost the Western Cape. Would you just unpack your thinking behind both of those?

Gayton McKenzie [00:05:55]: I’ve made forecasts before that were accurate. I predict we’ll get 8%, possibly 12%. We’ve beaten the DA seven times in byelections.

Alec Hogg [00:14:42]: Right, Gayton, so I didn’t even talk to you about Knysna. And I’m sure somebody is going to pick up on that side. We’ve got the question time.

BizNews Community Member [00:14:59]: Thanks very much. If your primary message is either you or the EFF why do you think the media is completely ignoring the EFF message that’s currently available on at least five YouTube videos over the last week that it’s one Africa, one president, and one current. And surely that’s self-defeating, rather EFF and something that politicians should use against them.

Gayton McKenzie [00:15:21]: The media are scared to death of the EFF. They’re focused on the wrong game. The fight is between the EFF and PA.

Alec Hogg [00:22:02]: The thing that supports your argument in the Western Cape that you didn’t touch on, that a lot of people are thinking, whoa, it’s the one province in the country that’s working. Demographics in the Western Cape would support an argument for a coloured premier. Just for starters. If the majority of people in this province as they are all kind of it. Is that what you banking on?

Gayton McKenzie [00:22:27]: Yes, I’ve been chosen as the premier candidate for the Western Cape. The majority of people are coloured, and that’s where our support lies.

Alec Hogg [00:29:23]: Knysna. What happened in Knysna?

Gayton McKenzie [00:29:28]: The ANC mayor in Knysna is not the right guy, but I can’t throw them under the bus as I’m part of the coalition. We messed up with the water situation. I’ve seen discrepancies in how issues are addressed based on race.

Alec Hogg [00:32:58]: Gayton Mckenzie from the PA, Thank you. Thank.

*The above transcript has been condensed and paraphrased for brevity and clarity, and may not capture the full context or nuances of the original interview with Gayton McKenzie at the Biznews conference, BNC#6.

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