BizNews brainteaser: Answers to Ian’s Trivialus 7 April

BizNews brainteaser: Answers to Ian’s Trivialus 7 April


  1. Germany – adults are now free to grow, possess and smoke cannabis, but many have criticised the new enforcement laws as being impractical.
  2. May 4th – May the force be with you.
  3. c) – the island of Ailsa Craig is off the west coast of Scotland.  A small Ayrshire business, Kays Scotland, has been crafting stones by hand for the past 170 years – the only company accredited to supply stones for the Olympics and the World Championships.
  4. Yann Martel
  5. Gamble is to risk money on a particular event, often one of chance, gambol is to frolic, or jump about playfully.  Lambs gambol about in fields often in groups under the phlegmatic gaze of their mothers.
  6. A state too close to call – in the US it is typically one where the swing between Republican and Democrat is less than five percentage points. Swing states tend to get a disproportionate focus from potential candidates.  Wisconsin voted on Tuesday. It has been a swing state in five of the last six elections.
  7. Be awarded the first perfect score of ten in Gymnastics.
  8. c) – German.
  9. Havana Syndrome – so named because of its first occurrence in the capital of Cuba.  It has subsequently been experienced in various other cities in Europe and China. Those affected typically complain of severe headaches, memory loss, nausea, tinnitus, difficulties with sleep other neurological functions and, in a few cases, even blindness.
  10. Mobility is the ability for an object to be moved.  Motility is the ability of an organism to move spontaneously and independently using metabolic energy.
  11. They are both served cold.
  12. On the Moon – it sees a need for an international norm in this age of increasing lunar exploration.  NASA has until 2026 to set up co-ordinated Lunar Time.
  13. Vietnam – Saigon
  14. Mme.
  15. A total eclipse of the sun.  The fact that the size of the moon, and its distance from the sun, are such that the moon exactly covers the whole disk of the sun, makes this a spectacular and unique celestial coincidence.
  16. Arthur C. Clarke
  17. Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker.
  18. True – they had their own spoken language Quechua, which is still spoke by a third of the Peruvian population, but no written language.  They left a system of knots tied in ropes (called quipus) which was a type of recording system, but no one has been able to decipher it.
  19. Skin is thickest on the soles of the feet and in the palms of the hands.  It is thinnest in the eyelids.
  20. Brussels

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