Answers to Ian’s Trivialus 5 May 2024

Answers to Ian’s Trivialus 5 May 2024


  1. Carbon Dioxide
  2. c) – Cicadas, two Broods (XIX which appears every 13 years and XIII, every 17 years) will appear at the same time.  The last time this happened was in 1803.
  3. Richard III
  4. Napoleon’s – after being buried in 1821 on St Helena, King Louis-Philippe had his remains transferred to France in 1840.
  5. The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.  He has strong public support, but opposition party members have been critical of his decision to remain in office.  He blames the investigative scandal on right-wing opposition forces.
  6. Grenada
  7. c) – New York Yankees.
  8. c) – The Troggs.
  9. b) – his party, the SNP, had a coalition with the Scottish Greens which he terminated last week.  As a result, the Greens said they would support a no confidence vote in him.
  10. 10.a) Sudan has over twice as many pyramids as neighbouring Egypt, (255) which were erected along the Nile Valley by the Kushites in ancient Nubia.
  11. 11.a) – something that can’t be resisted or avoided –  e.g. the evidence pointed to the ineluctable conclusion that he was guilty.
  12. 12.b) – Morocco.  The word also means ‘the west’ and the term, Arab Maghreb refers to western part of the Arab world including Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia.
  13. 13.c) – The scroll gave an account by Philodemus a poet/philosopher, of how Plato spent his last evening listening to music.  There were also details of Plato’s burial in a garden at the Athens academy in 348 BC. Previously it was believed that Plato had been sold into slavery in 387 BC.
  14. 14.Top Gun (1986) – Berlin
  15. 15.German
  16. 16.a) – Woke culture and political correctness raising the fear of offending certain groups of people.  He added that the situation had been compounded with decision making by committees which amplified the scope for objections. Also, that people are now preferring stand-up comedy, over TV, because of its unfettered nature.
  17. 17.False – it is a contraction of “Pocket” and “Monster”.
  18. 18.a) – In January 1976 services between London and Bahrain (British Airways), and Paris and Rio de Janeiro (Air France) began.
  19. 19.Fremantle
  20. 20.Bats

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